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Y83 Briquetting Press Machine
Y83-315 Double-Cylinder Briquetting Press Machine


Y83 series metal shavings briquetting machine is mainly used to press steel shavings, cast iron shavings, copper shavings and aluminum shavings into high-density cylindrical blocks to facilitate recovery and smelting, especially cast iron shavings can replace cast iron after being pressed.


① Hydraulic drive, stable work, no vibration, safe and reliable;
② Simple equipment foundation is required;
③ Using PLC control, manual or automatic operation can be selected.

Technical Parameters

Model Machine Size(mm) Bale Size(mm) Bale Weight(kg) Capacity(t/h) Machine Weight(ton)
Y83-315 1650*1150*3155 Φ120*(50-70)/Φ140*(50-70) 3.1-4.5/3.6-5.1 0.9-1.1 About 8

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