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PSX Scrap Metal Shredder Line
PSX Scrap Metal Shredder Line

PSX series scrap steel crushing line is used to process scrap car bodies, tinplates, old home appliances, bicycles, empty cans and other inferior scrap materials to make them into superior steel-making raw materials. Continuously pulverize by this machine, remove the coating film, increase the volume proportion, prevent explosion when put into the electric furnace, and increase the dissolution rate in a certain state, so as to meet the requirements of steel mills "fine materials into the furnace".

The machine can be used to crush:
① The whole body or the car is squashed (except tires, gasoline, cylinders, engines and gearboxes)
② Tinplate
③ Household appliances (excluding motors, compressors and shafts)
④ Bicycle body and similar materials
⑤ Empty can (removal of liquid, paint, etc.)
⑥ Other materials suitable for crushing


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